Painting a Better World

Continuation of his work through socio-cultural activities


01 Projetos sociaisThe Gustavo Rosa Institute is a dream Gustavo ardently desired while he was still alive. Now, in 2015, it is becoming a reality as a fundamental part of the Gustavo Rosa Project.

Its objectives are to release, preserve and promote the artist's work, thereby promoting the culture, protection and conservation of historical heritage and Brazilian art.

It also aims to promote education through art, developing its activities around the concept 'Painting a Better World,' working with art as a source of inspiration for children and adolescents who have less access to material and immaterial cultural benefits.

02 Projetos sociaisAs a methodology, our ambition is to be able to gather the highest expertise in diverse professional areas and create multidisciplinary study groups able to propose activities and programs to the public and private spheres that become educational and rehabilitative paths, and can build bridges, so that in the future we will have men and women who exercise their citizenship to the fullest. We foresee partnerships with institutes, foundations, universities and research centers that share the same ethical principles which guide our journey and have common goals for artistic, educational and inclusive activities.

Gustavo had a great affinity and identification with children and always made himself available to meet them in groups in his studio, telling them how he created and explaining the meaning of his playful characters to them. He also participated with his creations and presence in social projects in partnership with NGOs, hospitals and various places where children and adolescents were present.

Gustav had the soul of a child, and so he had an eye for creation and freedom of expression. He was fascinated by the questions and conclusions of children about his work.

He was aware that they were the potential creators of a better world, with joy, beauty and art. His desire to be close to them caused him to create simple pieces that could come into their hands so they always had art around them.

Within the scope of the Institute, we intend to take traveling exhibitions to many different Brazilian regions and lifestyles. This may contribute to the growth of artistic and citizenship awareness of the inhabitants of this diverse and needy country, leaving for each observer of Gustavo’s work a colorful, lively and vibrant impression, and perhaps a better world.


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