Gustavo Rosa, while he was still alive, was active in social, cultural and educational projects, whether participating in charity events, art workshops, or donating works to raise funds for institutions with the purpose of helping the least assisted sectors of the population. Gustavo said that art should be democratized, and he enjoyed seeing his works on hospital devices, health campaign T-shirts or on a variety of other objects. In that way he would be sharing a little joy with everyone.


Child Action Foundation

• In 1996 the artist designed a logo for the Child Action Foundation campaign “Open Your Heart” to be printed on T-shirts, with profits from sales to be donated to the institution. In 2008 Gustavo signed the "Charm of the Stars” collection, in partnership with the Morana network, celebrating 12 years of the Foundation. A part of the sales was donated to the Foundation. In 2012 Gustav offered the image of a swimmer for making beach towels. A part of the sales was donated to the Foundation, whose goal is to combat child malnutrition.


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 The Olga Kos Institute

• Gustavo gave painting lessons to children at Olga Kos Institute, which works with children, youth and adults with intellectual disabilities, especially Down syndrome, in São Paulo. Their results were part of an exhibition at MUBE in 2009.


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The Rubem Cunha Ophthalmic Foundation

• In 2009 the artist developed, free of charge, a logo for the "New Look Project" for the Dr. Reuben Cunha Ophthalmic Foundation. The project offered free vision care to children with special needs from the São Paulo APAE (Association for the Parents and Friends of Special Needs Children).


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 The New Look Project

In 2012 Gustavo, in partnership with Martha Medeiros, allowed the use of two of his images to make T-shirts whose profits were donated in full to the "New Look Project."


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• In 2011 the artist painted two pieces of clothing for the 16th anniversary of the Sawary brand for the "View This Cause" campaign. At the time, an auction was held and presenter Sabrina Sato modeled the painted dress by Gustavo on the runway, which sold for thirty-five thousand reals. The amount was donated to the Barretos Cancer Hospital.


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APAE São Paulo

• In 2011 Gustavo Rosa voluntarily designed an image to illustrate the 50 year commemoration package of the São Paulo APAE, which works to help people with intellectual disabilities develop as individuals and to become contributing members to society.


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Hope House

• Gustavo had always admired the work done by Casa Hope, which helps support children with cancer. In 2011 the artist donated an oil painting from his private collection, which was auctioned at the institution’s 15-year celebration as a way of raising funds for the group; the work was sold for R$ 20,000.

Gustavo also donated the image rights to six of his works, authorizing the institution to create and market various products with his brand.

“When I was invited to support Casa Hope, I had two joys: one was to help my dear and precious friend Claudia Bonfiglioli, and the other was the satisfaction of giving, which to me is much better in every way than receiving,” said the artist on that occasion.


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Onçafari and SOS Pantanal

• In 2012 Gustavo created, free of charge, the work "Jaguar" for the Onçafari and SOS Pantanal Projects. The image was printed on T-shirts and the profits were donated toward the preservation of these animals.


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Pro Tietê Union Core - SOS Atlantic Forest Foundation

• Gustavo left his contribution to the socio-environmental arena by creating the "goldfish” logo for the Pro Tietê Union Core - SOS Atlantic Forest Foundation that is used by the "Observing the Rivers" project and also on the Tietê Vivo Facebook page. With simplicity of lines, the artist merged green and blue, stressing the point that to have life, water and forests need to be integrated. With a cheerful and lively air, the goldfish still embodies this energy.


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North Center Institute

• In 2011 Gustavo participated in the Auction and Exhibition of Wreaths organized by the North Center Institute. The piece he created was auctioned off and the amount donated to the AACD.


The Gira Brazil Project

• In 2012 Gustavo participated in the "Gira Brazil Project," offering an image of one of his works. With collected recyclable materials in the shape of a house, the campaign aimed to teach that recycling begins at home.


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