Why the Gustavo Rosa Project?



The Gustavo Rosa Project was conceived in January 2014 for the purpose of unveiling to the Brazilian art world the work of the one who inspired it, "a pictorial production, now unfolding, endorsed by Pietro Maria Bardi, Mario Zanini, Paulo Mendes Rocha, Eduardo Kneese de Mello, Lucius Grinover, Olivier Perroy and Lew Parrela, impressed—as jurors—with the aesthetic quality of the work "Sleep," exhibited by Rosa and winner of the top award at the Festival das Artes Interclubes, in 1969."*

Most of the work of the last twenty years of Rosa’s life brought him great visibility and prestige and was established in the public and critical eye almost as its only language. However, his production from the 60s, 70s, 80s and early 90s, praised by many of the most important names of that generation, remains unknown to much of the public and to a significant portion of art criticism. it needs to be released, known and spread abroad, and therefore the mission of a series of actions is to research, catalogue, perpetuate, disseminate and make available the work of painter, drawer, engraver, designer and sculptor Gustavo Rosa (1946 - 2013) as part of the historical heritage of Brazilian painting.

By mapping collectors throughout Brazil and abroad, the Project aims to identify more than five thousand works created by the artist, organize information about each one and register them photographically so they can be included in the Gustavo Rosa Raisonné Catalog. The availability of his complete works to society will be a contribution to reflecting on our own cultural identity, reaching the general public via the web virtually, and physically through museums, galleries, cultural centers and other institutions of art and culture.

proposito2In December 2014, through the serious and thorough research of historian and art critic John J. Spinelli, the Project published the book, Gustavo Rosa—The Joy of Living and Painting (304 pages, Capella Publishing). With cultural sponsoring from Biolab Farmacêutica and Carisma Comercial, the book is the most comprehensive overview ever written of the life and work of the artist. During the book’s research process, in a short period of cataloging, nearly 300 works were submitted to the Project and 187 were effectively cataloged and certified. For this, we developed an Work of Art Certificate of watermarked paper typographically numbered and coded from 000001, with eight security features, a void holographic stamp and the Project’s seal.

In 2015 we created the Gustavo Rosa Institute, a formal institution where the artistic and socio-cultural activities of the Project will be held. Along with cataloging, and following the artist’s life footsteps, its purpose will be to promote education through art and the development of culture and citizenship among children and adolescents, prioritizing those with less access to material and immaterial cultural benefits. proposito3As a methodology, our ambition is to be able to aggregate the highest expertise in diverse professional areas and create a multidisciplinary study group able to propose to public and private spheres activities and programs that will become educational and rehabilitative paths, and can build bridges so that in the future we will have men and women who exercise their citizenship to the fullest. We foresee partnerships with institutes, foundations, universities and research centers who share the same ethical principles that guide our journey and which have common goals for artistic, educational and inclusive activities.

The magical playfulness of Gustavo’s work—within a criteria whose basis is care and respect for the work and its collectors—allows us to create a segment to professionally manage the licensing of the image collection for selected applications, generating resources that will subsidize part of the expenses and investments required to support the activities of the Project.

Resources from the Fiscal Incentive Laws and financing through research institutions are also expected.

* João J. Spinelli. Gustavo Rosa—The Joy of Living and Painting (304 pages, Capella Publishing)

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