Painting Goodness - Perpetuation of the work through socio-cultural activities



The purpose of the Gustavo Rosa Institute - GRI is to unveil to the Brazilian artistic universe the work of its inspirer, the painter, drawer, engraver, designer and sculptor Gustavo Rosa (1946 - 2013). Despite the prestige achieved by the author during the last twenty years of his life and the great visibility of his works during this period among both the public and critics, his work from the 60s, 70s, 80s and early 90s—praised by many of the most important names of that generation—has remained unknown to much of the public and to a significant portion of art criticism.

The GRI was created precisely to recover, experience, and spread the word about this collection. In this sense, its mission is to research, catalog, perpetuate, publicize, and make the work available as part of the historical archive of Brazilian painting. Therefore, the GRI has been conducting a mapping of collectors scattered throughout Brazil and abroad in order to identify the artist’s more than five thousand works, organize information about each one, and record them photographically so that they are included in the future Gustavo Rosa Raisonné Catalog.

The availability to society of the complete work of Gustavo Rosa will be a contribution to reflect on our own cultural identity, reaching the general public virtually via the web and physically through the exhibition of the collection at the Institute itself, in museums, galleries, and healthcare centers—within the framework of the project Painting Goodness in health—as well as in schools and other art and culture institutions.

proposito2Created in February 2016, the Gustavo Rosa Institute is a non-profit institution and plans to foster education through art, developing its activities under the concept of 'Painting Goodness,' which works with art as a source of inspiration primarily for children and adolescents with less access to material and immaterial cultural assets

As a methodology, its ambition is to be able to bring together all the knowledge possible from diversified professional areas and to create multidisciplinary study groups capable of proposing activities and programs that turn into educational and re-educational paths to the public and private spheres. 

Our vision is to build bridges so we can have men and women who exercise their citizenship to the full in the future. This is why we are looking for partnerships with institutes, foundations, universities, proposito3research centers and companies that share the same ethical principles that guide our journey and common goals in artistic, educational and inclusive activities.

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