The proposal of the Gustavo Rosa Institute is to unveil the work of its inspirer to the Brazilian artistic world,

"A referenced pictorial production, already in bloom, by Pietro Maria Bardi, Mario Zanini, Paulo Mendes Rocha, Eduardo Kneese de Mello, Lúcio Grinover, Olivier Perroy and Lew Parrela, impressed—as jurors—with the aesthetic quality of the work "O Sono" (Sleep), presented by Rosa and winner of the main prize of the Interclubs Arts Festival of São Paulo in 1969."*

*João J.Spinelli. Gustavo Rosa, Joy of Living and Painting, Capella Publishing, 2014

Despite the prestige achieved by the artist during the last twenty years of his life and the great visibility of his works during this period among both the public and critics, his work from the 60s, 70s, 80s and early 90s—praised by many of the most important names of that generation—has remained unknown to much of the public and to a significant portion of art criticism.

Therefore, the GRI has been conducting a mapping of collectors scattered throughout Brazil and abroad in order to identify the artist’s more than five thousand works, organize information about each one, and record them photographically so that they are included in the future Gustavo Rosa Raisonné Catalog.



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Gustavo Rosa was born on December 20, 1946 in São Paulo, where he died on November 12, 2013.

He used to say that he was born drawing. His mother remembered when he was around three years old,
facedown on the floor drawing compulsively on pads of paper, when he wasn’t doing it on the walls or in school notebooks, pages that overflowed with scenes and figures that the boy saw around him.

These became characters in his work a woman with a can of water on her head, boys flying kites, the ice cream man, the clowns that caught his attention in the circuses he went with his parents, the priest and the nun, the hot dog vendor, beatniks and so many other personages that reflected the vibrant postwar society.


The Gustavo Rosa Institute is a dream Gustavo ardently desired while he was still alive. Now, in 2015, it is becoming a reality as a fundamental part of the Gustavo Rosa Project.

Its objectives are to release, preserve and promote the artist's work, thereby promoting the culture, protection and conservation of historical heritage and Brazilian art.

It also aims to promote education through art, developing its activities around the concept 'Painting a Better World,' working with art as a source of inspiration for children and adolescents who have less access to material and immaterial cultural benefits.

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  • He has a characteristic in his lines that is proof of his talent. He masters his drawing, and with this he masters his painting, which few contemporary artists know how to do. Professionally, he may very well be the greatest artist in this country. He lives what he does 24 hours a day, always concerned with the trajectory of his work."

    James Lisboa - 2013


  • The elegant poignancy of the colors, lines and themes that he ravages with humor, mercilessly, has a very well-planned place within his paintings. But they would also work perfectly for the cover of The New Yorker.(...)"

    Telmo Martino - 1988


  • The paintings are tactile, and their use of color is lyrical, recalling something of childhood. But it is clear that he is an adult who retains this childhood freedom. In short, it is poetry (...)"

    Jacob Klintowitz - 1988


  • Much has been spoken, is spoken, and will be spoken of Gustavo Rosa's work (...). His works can be defined as thought, feeling, intuition and perception, brought together on canvas and in paint, which attract us at first glance when we see them, inviting each of us individually to discover what else he has."

    Guido Arturo Palomba - 2013


  • "In some of his works, the artist has captured the loneliness and bewilderment of ordinary people faced with the unknowns of life. However, the insight and extreme accuracy of Gustavo Rosa’s drawing cannot not hide the restlessness that his work arouses. No one remains indifferent."

    João J. Spinelli - 2014




Registration for cataloging ORIGINAL PAINTINGS by Gustavo Rosa 3rd phase, starting January 9, 2017

THE GUSTAVO ROSA INSTITUTE notifies its collectors, curators, gallery owners, museum collection managers, private and corporate collections, that on January 9, 2017, the 3rd registration phase began for cataloging ORIGINAL PAINTINGS by the artist. The purpose of this process is to identify each work, organize and consolidate information about it, and register it at the INSTITUTE for future inclusion in the Raisonné Catalog to increase its value.

How to participate


Rua Veneza, 920 - Jd. Paulista - São Paulo/SP

(11) 3887-8249 | (11) 3051-5784

Availability: Mon. to Fri. from 9 am to 18 pm

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